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Hi friends!

I am jessica!

Thanks for stopping by and checking things out.
I've been photographing weddings and couples all around the state of Montana + other fun places since 2008.  
what a wild ride!

let me tell you, I am a fanatic for elopements.

Elopements are more about the couples.  100% focused on you and your lovestory.  the documentaion of your love in an untradtional way gets me super stoked.  i'm all about losing the traditional and what you "should" do.  Lets do what you want. 
friend, this is your day and your's alone (with your partner of course.)

it doesn't matter what mom, grandma, aunty did..those are most likely outdated anyway. 

let's refocus on what  you want your day to feel like.  
can we incorporate some elements of tradion? sure! let's do your first dance next to a cacti, on the mountain. we can cut a cake on top of a jeef hood. wanna throw your bouquet? I'll catch it an jump around like the luckiest girl in the world! (turst me!!)

wherever your love decides to take you, it your way, throwing tradition to the wind!
i am on a mission to document real people in love, often in remote & spectacular locations.

you deserve the experience that you are day dreaming about. 
you deserve the attention you want from your partner + your photographer! 
Elopements allow me to focus on you, what you want captured without any distractions or expectations from mom, dad, guests...

you are here because , you aren't just looking for photography; you are looking for photos of yourself that make you feel. bring you back to those momemnts of authentic happiness.

Random Facts about Me

I am an iced coffee girl, no matter the weather.

i was an extremely shy child.  

I am an introvert/extrovert

Naps are life, I don't care what anyone says about them

I have too much of everything fashion. (shoes, clothes, makeup)

black is currently my favorite color

I enjoy more 1 on 1 time, vs a big group setting all at once.

my friends would say that i am a nice person, fun to be around, and laid back

i like to goto the gym most days, but i like to be lazy too

i love traveling.  HOWEVER, i always need to be at home for an extended amount of time to refresh

ww2, john f kennedy, pop culture documentaries are a must for me


a few adjectives to describe me:

lets go here

Montana + anywhere Elopement Photographer

Places you can find me:

Montana/Glacier National Park

Palm Springs/Joshua Tree National Park